The Importance of Wedding Trailers

Social Media has changed the world we live in. We are connected to all our friends through Facebook, twitter, blogs etc. Friends who would otherwise faded into the annals of our memories, friends who studied with us years ago, or acquaintances whom we met along the way, but never stayed in touch with. All these and more become available on Social Media. And this has dramatically changed the way in which your wedding memories are shared!

Initially wedding albums were only shared amongst close friends and relatives. Emails changed the way we shared photos with a larger circle of friends and family. The advent of Social Media ensured that photos could be shared with even a larger number of friends and acquaintances. But this still did not solve the problem of the ability to share videos with friends and family. Wedding videos are always too long to watch online and too large sized to upload. This is where wedding trailers step in.

Wedding trailers provide a 3 to 5 minute snapshots of the whole wedding. No one has the time to watch videos longer than the ‘Youtube Attention Span’  which is around 5 minutes. The trailer picks out interviews, emotions, the most important moments from a traditional point of view and more and packs it into an entertaining 5 minutes of footage. Other than this, there are many advantages of having a wedding trailer. Here are the top 5 reasons you would want a trailer for your own wedding:

Reason 5: Compact version of your whole wedding for easy viewing anytime.
Reason 4: Can share it with friends on Social Media & relatives far away with ease.

Reason 3: Can be backed up on video sharing services like youtube & vimeo for eternity.

Reason 2: Immortalize the best moments of your own wedding in your memory. You will, and I repeat ‘will’ watch your movie trailer many many times till you have it by heart!

Reason 1: Makes you feel like a movie star with a trailer of your own movie!

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